We, the editors of SlavFile, the quarterly publication of the Slavic Languages Division (SLD), of the American Translators Association (ATA), are very pleased to announce that we have entered into an informal collaboration agreement with the editors of . This will entail, primarily, both Editorial Boards doing everything possible to encourage their subscribers to read and contribute to the counterpart journal. The current issue and years of back issues of SlavFile are freely available on the Internet. Go to SlavFile. By the way you are encouraged to explore the rest of the SLD and ATA site.

We welcome contributions on any Slavic language or language of the former Soviet Union, and on any topic pertaining to the working life of a translator and/or interpreter working in these languages, as well as linguistic and cultural articles of particular interest to those working between these languages and English. We will publish up to one Russian article in each issue; articles in other Slavic languages must be accompanied by an English translation, although in all cases the original can be posted on our site. Articles should not exceed 2500 words but a longer article may be published in several installments. Letters to the editor and short contributions are welcome, as are glossaries. All contributions are subject to editing. Authors are acknowledged and a very brief professional biography with contact information may be appended to each contribution. We do not pay for contributions and consider that the copyright remains with the author.

For further information or to contribute: write to Lydia Razran Stone or Nora Favorov.